Other Anime You might like....(NON-Macross)
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Autor:  wrath1276 [ Mié May 27, 2009 4:55 pm ]
Asunto:  Other Anime You might like....(NON-Macross)

Ok I would like to use this area to promote and Discuss other anime that we like to watch. If anyone has a show they love please post it. I am always looking to find something new. Not that I'm tired of Macross, but until they give us more here's something to keep you busy.


My current favorite show is Bleach. Its about a boy who becomes a "Grim Reaper" or Shinigami (Death God) in order to save his family. At first he only does it because he has no choice. He starts to understand that as long as he cares for someone he will always need to protect them. He eventually becomes involved with many monsters and demons, both as allies and enemies.

This show is so great and there is to much to tell. The music is great and I have to admit I have a little bit of "idol love" for a lot of the characters. The series is currently in its 11th season and shows no real sign of slowing down.

This is the band "High and Mighty Color" with "Ichrin no Hana" (There is no other) from bleach one of my favorite songs.

Bleach open 2

Bleach open 9 intro

I like the music so much I have even switched out a lot of the music in my VOXP. This is just the first of many anime that I watch all the time. I hope you want to share some of yours with us too. We are a community and sharing your interest can be a learning expirience. I do have to say that most of us probably already watch Bleach.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Jue May 28, 2009 12:50 am ]
Asunto:  Soul Eater

Posted by AldriumGyet

A story about Shinigami and their living weapons. (I think there's a pattern to what I watch.) Well, It starts out with Maka and Soul her living Scythe. They both attend a school for Shinigami in Training. Then she makes friends. Then the is the coolest evil Lady ever [spoil]Madam Medusa[/spoil]!!! The show seems really teen.... well it can be cute one minute and pervey the next. Two versions of the show were made a somewhat censored version and the late nite show a much riskier version. Check them both out if you want. There is not much difference that I can tell. Maybe like a 30 sec time difference.

This is the full intro song for those that liked it
posted by AnimeRock93

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