Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Movie Review
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Autor:  wrath1276 [ Mié Jun 10, 2009 2:25 am ]
Asunto:  Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Movie Review


I am not sure how many Robotech fans are out there, nor how many Macross fans. I started Robo then as it was forgotten I picked up Macross. Robotech was a huge part of my childhood. It brought me to anime and Macross. I will say that I think its cool when you try to breath new life into something for the next generation. I also understand some things will change. I know that there are few folks that read the novels like I did. So if your reading this its only my opinion, take it with a smile.

So this is the new pilot movie to the new Robotech series from HG. I watched this with so much excitement at first. Then I felt... alone. This is quite a departure from what I came to know of the Robotech Universe. Its like they hit rewind 40 minutes from the end and changed it all. My favorite characters are kind of there. Well a few of them are. The rest seem forgotten, for now. Why do I walk away feeling like someone just turned my childhood into a Chinese buffet. Take what you want, eat what you take.

Posted by HGshadow

When Robotech stopped its run, I waited for the Sentinels series. When it never came, I read the comics and the novels. I feel like none of that ment a thing. I feel like the unwanted stepson. This movie is cool to watch. Its animation is decent, the action ok, and if I don't hold on to Robotech too tightly while I watch, its actually watchable. Its not Robotech. They cut too much counting on the old fans not care and the new to catch a glimpse. I am sorry to say, I am not happy with it. No Yellow, no Sera, added characters from the sentinals and Southern Cross, no Dana as of yet, no Rook, Rand, Bowie, Sean, Angelo, new alien menace. Like really weak Vajra. I could go on about what I did not like about this. The biggest one being the New Skull ace another Max and Miriya baby. This one has purple hair but she's not Moa!!!! Man I wonder why they just don't go with what they already set in place.

In the end I'm glad a new set of fans will get a chance to know what Robotech is "now". I am disappointed in the fact that its not the continuation of what I grew up with. I don't know if I should give it a chance or not. Maybe wait and see where it goes. The movie was ok and a little nostalgic to watch. Its just not for me. I am sorry to say, HG really left me hanging on this one, after counting on the fans to keep this one alive for more than 20 years. That's a real shame. In any case check it out, post your opinions. It would be nice to see what a new fan thinks.

BTW : There's a rumor that the last member of the original Robotech team has quit the live action movie project saying,"Good Luck" I guess that I'm not the only one feeling kind of dumped on....... :x

Autor:  SORRAL [ Mié Jun 10, 2009 11:18 am ]
Asunto:  new stuff

I actually like the new stuff. I too wanted to see some more of the old cast included, but have read on the RT site, that many were left out on purpose. That HG is planning a whole seperate experience with them. They are planning on forking the story into two differant series. One involving Scott going to find Hunter, and the other, the renegades left on Earth to "mop up" after the 3rd RT war.

Hope this helps to get your hopes back up!

Autor:  Pablo_Adminstrador [ Mié Jun 10, 2009 11:49 am ]

Video doesn't work.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Mié Jun 10, 2009 2:23 pm ]
Asunto:  HMMMM....

Sorral you know me, I was just hoping for better after being loyal for 20 years it doesn't really renew a lot of faith. I do realize that the movie was really just a pilot for a larger series and other characters will probably appear later, its still not they way they originally, publicly, had already drawn out. As I said I read the official novels when I was little and the comics, they were faithful to the series. I guess its like the X-men movies. If you didn't grow up reading those comics the movies are, ok. I just felt that, maybe since the movie takes place during the battle at reflex point. That they would have had the decency to have at least one scene with the characters that got you there. Not to mention Rook, Rand and the others at least deserve a "see you later" or "farewell" scene. It was cool to see the Janice android from the Sentinels. I'll give that much. I do think that if you forget that the movie is a Robotech movie its cool. Its not the Robo that was promised so long ago. Like I said "Chinese Buffet". I am sure they have plans for the other characters, I'm also sure that, that will be completely based on how the fans receive this film.

Its really cool that they are trying to bring it back. They just waited so long that no one that worked on the original project is willing to work on the new one. They have changed too much for me to stay loyal to. It belongs to someone else now and I'll move my fanship to pure Macross. Really its a good attempt but after waiting for over 20 years we deserve better than that.

Don't get me wrong. Go see the movie. It is really cool. Its just not for this guy. Oh... the CG is really awesome with the basic cell animation intermixed. I walked away from it feeling like HG is still taking material from other great shows, though. Like a thief in the night, HG has really lost my support. They really aren't showing us anything for all the loyalty over the years. In fact it seems that they just don't care.

Autor:  SORRAL [ Jue Jun 11, 2009 1:25 am ]
Asunto:  some things I can agree with...

I do believe that HG really does not care much anymore. I also agree that the animation was good.

I also know from reading on the RT site, that they did not put any of the other characters from the series in the movie on purpose. They hinted to developing a new series that would deal with the remaining characters from the 3rd generation in their own series. And did not want to build in any inconsistencies in the story lines with the other stuff in "planning" stages.
I hope that is the truth. I got my info from the official site, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.......but not much longer.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Jue Jun 11, 2009 4:44 am ]
Asunto:  ....

I know that they "left them out on purpose". I hang at as much as I do here. Spent enough time on the IRC to have a good line with the rest of the lost Robotech fans. You really don't want me to list all the stuff we talk about. There's not enough room and I'm not really wanting to bash the hell out of HG. Most are only there because its the only official Robo site.
I might stick in a bit longer. Its a new set of promises though, so I'm not going to hold my breath. It sounds more like lets cover our buts to me. We shall see. Feels like I'm dating a psycho ex-girlfriend, and I should know better. HAHAHA. Your a good guy Sorral, your faith is better than mine, though. I've read all the empty promises they post at the Robo site. Guess I should be grateful they at least made the cell phone game.......
It seems more like they left the characters out to see if they could. If we forget they go on without them. If we make a big deal they will hand us more crap. conversely if it goes well and they have the ability to make a spin off with the "left out characters" that should have had a small at least representation. That breaks down to making money and covering your but. That's pretty standard for HG. Seriously does anyone else see that?
Its not like they are a large company, really compared to others they are not. I understand. After this long and surviving off the productions of others its hard to get a leg up. I mean go to the actual HG site and you will see. Even their original pictures don't belong to them. I will admit they have had all sorts of issues with the franchise. Canon still owns the rights to the "Robotech the Movie" the Megazone 23" southerncross crossover from back in the day. For those that really did follow Robo you know this. I have every piece of info I could find and I don't like the puzzle that has pieced itself together in front of me.
I think is obvious that they "picked up" the story where they thought they could do the most. A few little changes I could handle. This is not a few changes. Its a rewrite, with profit at its core. Its a shame that most Anime addicts will embrace this because its all there is. I don't think that we are asking too much. Do any of you? It would just be nice to see someone carry honor and tradition into the future. Not just pick and choose what you want and leave the rest lying on the floor to pick through later.

BTW : I went back and watched my Robotech II The Sentinels Movie... wow. did that make me feel worse. So Janice was important, but Lisa, Jack, Karen, Cabel, Rem, Bretai, Exadore, Cadet Minmei and others (that were present at the time the new movie takes place, no excuses man!) not so much. Funny that the Sentnels move had more fan service, then the new one. I think you will find a long list of half truths from HG. For those of you who remain faithful, I wish the best.

Did anyone look at what they are calling the SDF-3 in the new movie? WTF?!?! I'm not trying to make anyone angry. Things like this can bring a person down. When you grow up the only thing that should not be touched is the innocence and wonder you had as a child. Its the only thing we were really given. The only time we truly hold sacred was our time of innocence. Maybe in that sense you could see it like a person believing in santa till adulthood only having an jerk tell you the truth on your 30th birthday. If HG would have done it sooner maybe it would not have mattered much, but not after we, the fans, have dedicated more than 20 years of faith and love.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Vie Jun 12, 2009 2:18 am ]
Asunto:  correction

Bretai and Cabal are both dead by this point in the series, sorry I was in a little rage over the whole thing. 2044 by the timeline. However Minmei is a pilot cadet in the REF. Jack and Karen are both Lieutenants. The movie throws out all the Sentinels story and still brings in some characters from that series. I want to see where this goes to tell the truth. How much worse can it really get. I mean really...... ok, it can be a lot worse. Lets hope it doesn't go the way we all think it will. With any luck, we may finally get something good but don't count on it. I still think its up to us as the fans to take it out of their hands and do something about it.

BTW as you know I'm the guy doing the VG mod and I take its pilot Moa Fallyna Jenius/Moa Sterling very seriously. Her counterpart/doppelganger name is Maia Sterling. Someone please tell me that's not a lazy way to steal and they really are not back to the old HG tricks. Because it really looks that way. Please compare the stats of Moa ... t1492.html

to the Glamor movie clone they made, Maia. I will even post more info on Maia when I have time.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Dom Jun 14, 2009 10:05 pm ]
Asunto:  you know what

You are right they are not fans at the RT site and I have to say that its really sad that the loyalist there are willing to take anything they can. Sorral, buddy I don't get it, man. Are, we, the real fans a dying breed, like the pathetic site. I don't hate them. Just kind of disgusted at the disregard they hand out and it seems like most of the answers only come from the other members of the site never from an admin. I am so beating this to death, but for real why not. At least we care enough for it to bother us............. well me anyway.

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