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 VOXP World Tournament Deculture 2.0 - Rules (full!!!) 
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Nota VOXP World Tournament Deculture 2.0 - Rules (full!!!)

Welcome to Macross VOXP Wordl Tournament Second Edition.

This tournament has been designed by voxp players SebastianC and Oktubre (Squad Leader Escuadrón Crux del Sur and Squad Leader Prometehus, respectly) whom we thanks for 4 months of hard working.

The players will receive an email with a .rar file protected with a password that will be sent to them when finishing their registration. In the file there are the results of a draw already done to determinate the player’s group and who he will battle against.

They will also receive a number according to the order of arrival of their emails. That will be their player number.


Finally, they will receive the complete fixture.


Once the groups and the location graphic are known, the FIRST STAGE will begin


In this stage, every player fights against the rest of the players in his group (2 battles against each player).

WINNERS gets 10 points.
TIES gets 5 point each.
LOSERS gets 0 points.

for instance (group 1)


Depending on the amount of points obtained in the first stage, the position achieved by each player in his group will be defined and the SECOND STAGE will be organized.

1º, and 2º will go to RED GROUP

3º and 4º will go to YELLOW GROUP

5º, and 6º will go to GREEN GROUP

7º and 8º will go to BLUE GROUP

9ª and 10º will go to PURPLE GROUP


EIn the second stage, every player fights against the rest of player in his group (3 battles to each player)

If you WIN get the next position to semi-final and final game.



[size=150]Anyway, two players of each group will become part of the elite pilot’s league, where they will battle weekly to determinate who is the best.



::: RULES :::

1 – The organizers, umpires, watchers, etc. won’t compete, to guarantee the transparence of the event.

2 - IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER THE SDF to recharge, with at least 1 date of suspension without playing.

3 – THE LAG IS NO RESET REASON, we all know that LAG is part of the game.

To prevent it, we have opened a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE room for this TOURNAMENT.
The name and password of the room will be sent by MSN, MAIL, PM, and other electronic communication media, the day before the EVENT.
This way, only the people involved will enter and there will be less LAG.

4- If the organizers, judges, watchers or umpires of the event (by any matter) are not present in the room by the time of the event beginning, the event will be rescheduled to the next week, and under any circumstances the player won’t be able to fight without watchers (coordinator not participating of the event)

5- Remember it is just a game. Creating any fight or debate is prejudicial for all the members of the community, either to organizers or even yourself, as this tournament was organized with a lot of effort and time, only with the objective of having a fun moment.

6- Respect the decisions made by the authorities, if you disagree with anything, communicate it directly to the administrator at macrossvoxp@gmail.com and he will solve the problem with the jury or the appropriate person. If you make the problem public, you might promote division and the delay of the rest of the battles, so no claim will be attended.

7- The administrator reserves the right to create and/or implement rules to keep the peace and good function of the event. These rules will be communicated opportunely.

8- If there is a lack of moderators and/or administrators, the forum reserves the right to “select a moderator” to take the job in the tournament or to suspend the date.

9- The tournament tries to promote the interaction of the users of the forum and players of voxp and NOT their differences.

10 – In case of emergency or the matter that a player can’t fight, if he advises at least 3 days before the battle, the fight can be postponed to another day, only if the opposite player agrees. This tournament is individual and no replacements are admitted.

11- There are 15 minutes of tolerance after the time scheduled for the battle. If anyone arrives LATE, they won’t be allowed to participate.

12 – If a player quits the competition, he will be sanctioned with points or negative battles that will be applied at the beginning of the next events.

13- In the comfortable room:

-Do Not Insult.
-Do Not Discriminate.
-Do not threaten.
-The contact between opposite pilots must be the least possible, at least at the battle time.
-Try to close the most programs possible before the event.
-Try not to chat during the combat.
-Respect the decisions made by the authorities.

Any problem, injustice, lack of rules, etc, if possible make a printscreen (or copy the conversation) and send it to the site administrator at macrossvoxp@gmail.com, who will solve the matter duly.

-The rules can be modified (with advise) by the event organizers.

14- The hostile actions at the game will begin once the judge is destroyed by a SDF or by the opponents themselves, and the exit signal has been sent. You can’t get out before that. Remember that the umpire sees the exit in the radar. Going out earlier will be considered as a lost battle or disqualification (this rule is useful to locate the position of the cameras, radars or watchers).

15- You can choose if you want to participate or not in any battle, being present, it will be qualified as absence, it means, 0 (zero) points.

16- The battles are to 2 combats. If the same player wins the two battles he gets 3 points, if he wins one and loses the other he gets 1 point for each, the option of not fighting is qualified with 0 points, the absent players have 0 (zero) points that date and can’t fight if they arrive late.

17 - -At the beginning of the tournament the rules will be considered read and accepted.


Remember that this tournament will be created with the dedication of many people, for the good of you and everyone, follow the rules and make other follow them, as the good performance of the rules get the people that invested their time more interested in keep working to create new projects. If you don’t respect that, the only thing you get to do is that no more tournaments of this kind are designed.

Este foro es suyo. Cuidenlo con sabiduría.

Lun Abr 05, 2010 9:37 am
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