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 Flight School - Orientation/Overview 
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Nota Flight School - Orientation/Overview
This is not a tutorial. I only wanted to enplane what these posts are and how to use them. These are chapters covering the most base and mid level skills in VOXP. Each point will be covered in its own area. I have designed these so that if you are needing info on something you can locate it and use it, simply and quickly, without needing to read through 20 pages of post to find out what the line between your targets means or what velocity is. Hopefully another pilot will be willing and able to cover more advanced "TOP GUN" Materials. Like specific maneuvers and vehicle specific tactics. A few pilots out there can actually use non-transforming mecha (Meltran/Zentran) effectively against a VF.

I want to be very clear on this. These tutorials are only meant to get you started. I have no intentions of going in depth on how to utilize advanced techs. If you want to be good at this you must find your own way!! Every pilot is different. They all bring something to the table. If you don't think you are learning fast enough, you should seek out one of the many Instructors on this site. I have run into a few people that can be.... not so nice... but for the most part, there are a lot of people will give knowledge to you freely. This I do not understand. All knowledge should be shared. To withhold knowledge from someone is selfish and wrong. Especially if your reason is that you don't want lose.

Thanks to pilot/trainers like Sorral, Fjrod, and Sam(If I forgot you I am sorry), I still believe that the spirit of brotherhood and friendship is strong here and if you really want to learn you will find your trainer here. However, there is no teacher like experience and something given has no value. No effort = no gain. So keep at it, try hard and don't give up!!!! Rick/Hikaru(the character not the pilot :lol: ) got shot down like how many times and was still an ACE. Well in the show anyway. So get out there. Do your best, play hard!!!! Oh and be courteous to each other, we ARE playing a game together.

I'd also like to point out that at points I pop out a tip or two, as according to my style of play. I do not believe them to be the end all only way to go about things. In fact its just my style, I feel, I have balance. You may be more or less aggressive then I am. Find your own path and maybe we'll see each other there.

************I'm sure that most will see that these are about quick reference more than an actual lesson****************

Here is the plan and order of my posts:

1 Flight School - Orientation/Overview
2 Flight School 100 - HUD Elements Basic
3 Flight School 101 - Radar Basic
4 Flight School 102 - Effective Weapon use Gunpod/Missiles
5 Flight School 103 - Speed, Velocity and Throttle *****SOON*****

Flight School - Supplement Modes and Transforming


*******************Honor in the field*********************

Ok there are certain courtesy's I feel the need to voice. It seems that there are a few unspoken rules to the game that tend to make other pilots angery.

1 during a match nobody goes back to the Main Ship. Its cheap and the opposing pilots will not do it. If you do it and someone catches you expect a dog pile on your head. I am not condoning this but I have watched all the pilots in the match turn and go after the one in the "mothership". Learn to compete with a little dignity. Not to mention your on-line reputation is going to go down and people will stop playing you or spend all their time hunting you down. Its not a joke, I have actually been asked to participate in a "Hunt" for a hiding pilot. However, I will not do that either. Please, Do not let it be you!!

2 Winning and losing is part of the game. Do not take it personally. Especially when it comes to multi-player. There are a lot of factors that will effect your performance in these matches. The largest one is lag. "Ever been shot down by invisible missiles?" or the ever popular "Disappearing/reappearing Fighters" how about the "freezing in mid air stuff". When it gets you, you will know. Its best to just laugh at it. Why get mad at the pilots? We play a game internationally....without a dedicated server....or relay points for dedicated hosts...there will be problems no matter what. If you really want to play for keeps sign on for a tourney or play 1vs1.

3 There are a lot of new pilots that have just stopped showing up. Mostly because of catching horrible beatings at the hands of less forgiving pilots. Please try to help them out not beat them out. We all had to have day 1. If you tell me you are new I will adjust accordingly. I want new pilots to play and beat me that's why I tell everyone I meet anything I know. You should beat me so I will get better the next time too. To think that you will remain at the top without a fight is arrogant and to withhold info, just to hold that position, is cheating to me. Sorry, if this made anyone mad....no not really. Play Nice!!!

4 This one is really personal. How hard is it to compliment another pilot. buen juego, good game, gg, even 良好的游戏. (If you can't see/read the last one find my post "A note on game text and communication issues") There are a lot of new pilots out there. Seriously there is no reason to be mean. Respect goes two ways. If it gets too personal people tend to band together against you. I have never seen a really good pilot get angry at a loss or a close match.

"To be truly great, you must make others as great as you, or learn to stand alone on your pedestal."

If I forgot anything let me know. Till then, Good luck!!!

Vie May 15, 2009 4:38 pm
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