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Flight School - Suppliment - Modes and Transforming
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Autor:  wrath1276 [ Vie May 15, 2009 6:20 pm ]
Asunto:  Flight School - Suppliment - Modes and Transforming

Ok, one really underestimated ability in this game is transforming. Each form has its benefits and failings. The real key is to use each form at its right time. I'm not going to tell you out right, that would be too easy. experiment with it a little or find an instructor for real-time training.


Fighter/Jet MODE
By far this is the one you will see the most. Fastest acceleration, worst turning/reaction. It rolls rather than turns on its yaw(* Yaw is the left to right [actual turning left or right] movement of an aircraft) or X/Y axis. If you have played you will already understand. Gunpod can only fired straight ahead. Good at missiles. Good at closing/placing the distance and is the only form that can boost. Its ability to pitch rather then to turn is not a weakness!!! With a lot of practice, direct frontal attacks from missiles can be evaded by "weaving", "pitching" or rolling around them and through them. This is difficult to do and even harder if you do not know how to use your throttle.

Best use acceleration and escape.


Gerwalk/Guardian MODE
This is, arguably, the most useful mode. Its can angle fire the gunpod, though not as accurately as the Battloid. Fires missiles rapidly, faster then jet mode. 2nd best at turning and acceleration. If you find yourself, "playing chicken", head to head with another pilot, switch to this mode to clear a few missiles out and return the favor. Also if your pursuing missiles are at a range of 3.0 - 1.5 you can pitch or roll away from them, transform, swing/pitch up/down and boost away. This will allow very sharp turning and can loose missiles easily. (Working with your throttle can make this more effective!)

Best use versatility and steep angle evasion(before its too late).


Battloid/Robot MODE
My personal favorite. Mostly because giant robots rock!!! Worst acceleration of all modes. No missiles. Sounds bad so far, huh? Its strong points come out in a pinch. It has the fastest turning and deceleration, as well as the best accuracy with a gunpod. If you have a few (and by few I mean no more than 4!) missiles in tow and they are too close to evade (.7-.5 distance), transform to "B" mode and shoot them, you will auto turn and target as soon as you start to fire. An ACE level pilot can use this tech to wipe out whole swarms of missiles. (shoot a few, boost away, shoot a few....)

***Taking out missiles at any level is dangerous!!! It can however give you the advantage of clear space while your opponent is still dodging your missiles, as well as saves fuel for those really long drawn out battles. If you are unsure and misfire on the missiles though, it will cost you!***

Best use keeps you from spending wasted time dodging and more attacking.


Good Luck!!

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