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 Flight School 102 - Effective Weapon Use Gunpods/Missiles 
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Nota Flight School 102 - Effective Weapon Use Gunpods/Missiles
In this one we are going to cover how to use the two most common weapons to the game, Gunpods and Missiles. If you want to know about melee or tackle attacks you will find it in the "Flight School 101 - Radar Basic" post in this forum.

Lets start with the gunpod. The under sung hero of the game. As I have mentioned, the gunpod, can be a very powerful tool. First you have to know how to read its data.


Against enemy planes angle is just as important as range.

Look closer
The blue arrows point to the targets type, life, and name. The yellow is your target.
The red arrow points to the "projected position" of your target, if it stays on it current trajectory(The little white Hexagon). The red ring(reticule), around the hexagon, indicates a "positive lock" not a guaranteed hit.
The green arrows points to the little line between the target and its projected position. This is the projected flight path of your target. As a rule the longer the line the less likely your chance to hit. If you really want the shot that bad though, you need to adjust along this line. I don't recommend it. Its a waste of ammo and if you stay in one spot to long your going to get hurt. In fighter mode you must target manually in the other modes you will automatically swing you to the projected position of your target. Like I said, if the line is long and you want to shoot adjust. Think of the longer line as a bad angle and the shorter ones good angles.


Against missiles the basics are the same, distance is your only real factor though.
Say you have a few(1-3) missiles on you. If their range is .8(ideally.7) - .5 switch to B mode and start to fire. You should automatically swing to face them and shoot them down. DO NOT LINGER if there is one or two out of range MOVE!!! If you stay you will be hurting. If you can't get the shot reposition and try again or evade. That's it.

At a closer look
The red arrow is an easy call shoot. The blue not an easy one at all. The red one I am already facing. The others not so much. Did I get them? The first one yes. The others made me a little to nervous, .6,. 8, and 1, are my ranges and I need to turn still. I haven't fired yet so I shot the first one and took off. Could I have gotten them? Maybe. Looking at the still makes me want to say, yes. Realistically, noway.


Delivering missiles

By now you know how to shoot a lot of missiles. Shooting off a bunch of missiles as soon as you lock on is not always the best course of action. Really you can only fire so many at a target anyway, better to be surgical then brutal. The most popular and easy delivery is to drop a few missile, reposition, shoot more, reposition, shoot...., a majority of the time most pilots end up doing this accidentally by circumstance.



I know its hard to see it was hard to get it too(lots of lag!). The red arrows are missiles the green arrow is me. The guy taking the photo is Remoteski(Thanks BTW).

The main idea is to surround your target and leave them with no way out. To help this shut down half of your missiles. See "Flight School 100 - HUD Elements basic" It helps with rate of fire and accuracy. A really high level pilot could combine this with the gunpod and transformations to actually drive his target where they want.

Missile Evasion

We will cover a few basic techs for missile evasion here. When escaping from multiple missiles the first thing to do is get them in one group as best you can. The following basic motions can help.

See the missile?
begin to roll away gently on the stick the direction doesn't matter as long as its away from the missile
center the stick and pull back,(assuming you are flying an inverted stick like a real plane) the sharper the turn the more likely you may lose it here.(think throttle)
center the stick again and boost away for a second or two.
you have now put some distance between you and that missile. If not repeat.


Missiles do not break and turn to come after you the must arc back toward their target and so have to come around wide. By making your turns sharper you can evade quickly. I'm not going to go into throttle too much here, it will help you out a lot, though. That's for later on. Transforming allows you to turn sharply without too much velocity reduction.



roll, transform, move away, pitch, boost away. Later we can add
throttle in to make it harder for missiles to follow. :lol:


Remember try to center the stick before you move. Diagonal movements are easy for missiles to follow.
Watch your velocity if it drops to much while you turn the missiles will end up in your back side.
Sharp movements turning/pitching cause huge reductions in velocity. Keep the sharp movements small and light untill you learn about speed, velocity, and throttle.

Work with this for a bit and I will get a throttle post started soon.

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