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Fortune Cookies - A few words of wisdom to push you on.
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Autor:  wrath1276 [ Vie May 15, 2009 8:01 pm ]
Asunto:  Fortune Cookies - A few words of wisdom to push you on.

I am making this post for people to place short quotes or advice not direct advice. More like chicken soup for the soul.
"Even the finest of blades may only be sharpened so much before all you are doing is weakening it."

Example - If you take a blade and sharpen the edge it cuts. Sharpening it more only takes more of the steel away making it weaker or flawed when it can already cut.

Your training can be looked at in much the same way. You can practice and practice all you want. If you do not apply it in a real match all you do is wear away at what makes you strong. As well as form hard to break habits that will not aid you against human players.


I will continue to post these. It would be nice if others joined in with other inspiring words.
- Peace

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Dom May 17, 2009 1:10 pm ]
Asunto:  More from Wrath

"A tree may only survive a storm If it can learn to bend to its fury"

You must learn to be flexible and change your game on the fly. If you keep using a tech that did not work the first time, why use it again and again. Be ready to alter on a moments notice.

A storm can blow in many directions and can easily uproot a tree. The tree can bend to the wind and stay rooted to the ground long after the storm has worn itself out. The tree does not necessarily win, but by not remaining rigid the tree may outlive the storm.

Patience and flexibility are your two greatest weapons. If you face an aggressive pilot you must watch and be patient. The opening will come and if you are ready you can take advantage of it.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Dom May 17, 2009 1:53 pm ]
Asunto:  Fast Fist

"To counter an attack that is faster then you, you must move less than the attack."

This is more a physical than a philosophical answer. Very simply, to beat something faster then you you must remove all unnecessary movement and thought, In essence make your movement smaller and more efficient then the oncoming attack. This is a principle taught in Jeet Kune Do. A free form style dedicated to removing the unnecessary motions that are a side effect of being stuck on the original kata or form. *****(a side note on JKD: Out of respect I have to mention that this form is considered aggressive. More about getting the attack first or attacking the attack, never really needing to apply blocking. "The Way of the Intercepting Fist". Its not for everyone!!)**** Being stuck in a specific or set motion makes you predictable. As a result it becomes easy to counter you with a different set of planned movements. Which, if anyone has noticed, brings us back to where we started. Not where you want to be since this will only start a chain of back and forth techs that in the end will again bring you back to where the original tech began.

In the end any punch is still just a punch, It is the delivery and result that is important. Utilize this principle and focus on slimming down your tech and making yourself a more efficient, and effective, pilot.

Autor:  hikaruGO! [ Dom May 17, 2009 9:50 pm ]
Asunto:  JKD

Jeet Kune Do!
Bruce Lee was a genius!
like you pal
jajajajaja to the infinite!

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Mar May 19, 2009 12:11 pm ]
Asunto:  From the Samurai

"The warrior who only knows one way. finds his fate in one way."

First you can see this in many ways. However if you think its about learning as many techniques as you can you would be wrong.

This comes from principles of Kendo and Jujitsu. The Samurai were taught other skills than merely the sword. Samurai were educated well rounded individuals with the majority of time spent on the sword. Study's ranged from poetry to flower arranging to hand to hand. Why? The adage "Live by the sword, die by the sword" is usually a saying that carries honor. Most forget that if all you know is the battlefield, it becomes the only place you are comfortable. (all you PC addicts out there know where I'm going....) Really it means the same as my proverb. If you only know death on the battlefield, you will only find your death in the battlefield.

Many warriors, after coming back from long periods at war, found themselves unable to adjust to a normal life. Eventually all that came was violence, resentment, and more pain. This is because it became too comfortable/normal for that kind of life(war), to be the only life. Though it may seem more of a traumatic reason, (war does change people) try to see it from another perspective.

In the Pc world many people spend all their time on their computers. No real outside interaction at all. Eventually they forget how to treat other people and withdraw from real life. The only thing that they knew or that made them comfortable, becomes the only thing they know.

You could accuse them of being maladjusted individuals from the start or keep in mind that rather then taking the timeout to try other things they stopped at the only thing, to this point, that has made them feel safe and comfortable.

If you feel like you are in a hostile place doesn't any weapon/protection make you more comfortable. That is how it begins. Though you don't see it as comfort, your brain does.

I am getting off my point though. Stop every now and then to go see a movie with your girl. Go to school. Read a book, Paint a picture..... Unplug every once in a while and try other pursuits. If you only know one way, you will find your fate one way.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Jue May 21, 2009 5:13 pm ]
Asunto:  This ones not really a saying

"What is the difference between the Tiger and the Dragon?"

Though the perceptions and depictions of these two creatures have changed through the years. We will look at this from a more old world Chinese view.

Both are (mythologically speaking) strong warriors with nobility.

The tiger is fast and aggressive. He acts and reacts with instinct. However, most tigers do not look before they leap. Lacking patience and wisdom the tiger is the first to attack and rarely lives long enough to gain his wisdom. Valor over discretion. This is not a bad thing. The tiger carries with it the fierce ability to catch his opponent off guard. When the tiger fights, and wins, victory is swift and brutal. So swift that the victim does not even know what happened.

The dragon is strong and cunning. He watches his opponent. Learns his movement. Then finds the moment to strike. Though the dragon is wise, he knows he is not unstoppable. When faced with a challenge the dragon will go around what faces him rather than take it head on. This does not really have to be a good thing. Avoiding a challenge can rob you of experience you could have gained faster and prepared you for the oncoming challenges ahead. Though the dragon will live for a long time he gains his wisdom through time and patience, sometimes it may take the dragon much longer to master something than the tiger.

So which do you think represents you? Most really are Tigers and wish to be Dragons. Hmmmmm......

Traditionally, the dragon is represented as the superior of the two. I do not believe this. If you look at it from another point of view, the tiger can represent youth, and the dragon maturity. I am sure that at different point you are one or the other.

In the picture above they represent Yin and Yang. Two equal but opposing forces of nature that reside with in all of us. Really Yin and Yang is represented in many things, light and dark, male and female, good and evil. These thing are not related to each other. They merely can not exist with out each other. So they are Yin and Yang.

It is not weather you are more a Dragon, or a Tiger. You are both, there is not a lot you can do about it, unless you really feel you have to. Its more about "when" you should be one or the other.

Pertaining to your flying you must choose when aggression or patience will serve you best. Simply sticking with one or the other only make the outcome predictable.


Autor:  wrath1276 [ Mié May 27, 2009 6:55 pm ]
Asunto:  more.....

"A hastily cooked carrot may still be a soiled carrot."

If you rush through preparing the carrot there may still be dirt on what you will serve.

In the Martial arts rushing through training to reach the next level usually means you missed what was really important. In the end most only see the outcome and not the way.

"Life's a journey not a destination"

Pertaining to Voxp, sure you can shoot your gunpod and missiles. The real question is do you know how to use them effectively. Did you use your tools to drive your opponent and control his movements or did you just throw everything you had with your fingers crossed?

Think on this. This saying has many implications, I could talk all day. Simply giving you the answers does not help you to understand. I'll leave this one for you. Remember though, I don't really know anybody who likes eating dirty carrots....... much less being the dirty carrot.

Autor:  wrath1276 [ Mié May 27, 2009 7:30 pm ]
Asunto:  How about a story....

I learned this one when I was very little....

A wealthy farmer had two sons. When he passed away he divided his wealth between the two boys. The eldest spent it quickly and wasted it. The youngest continued to work his farm. Eventually the eldest decided to take the younger brothers inheritance by force. The younger brother was not as strong as his elder and lost all he had.
The younger brother made the journey to Sim lum(shoalin) temple to seek training in the martial arts. When he got there he sat outside the temple begging the monks to teach him. After hearing his story each monk turned him down. Finally one day a Monk he never met before stopped to talk to him.
He asked why he wished to learn to fight so much. After his tale the monk agreed to teach him only "what he needed to know". Over the next year the boy was made to hold a calf and leap over a small tree repeatedly. Nothing else was taught to the boy. This eventually angered the boy and he confronted his Sifu/Master. "I have been here for a year", he said, " I have not learned Gung-fu!" His Master remarked, "I have taught you what I said I would." The boy did not understand and decided to leave the temple.
The boy traveled home and decided to confront his brother. "Better to die at his hands than to lose everything." he thought. When he arrived his Elder brother was waiting. The boy did not know what to do. So he did the only thing he could. He picked up a cow and leaped into the air. The elder brother was shocked by this amazing feat of strength. So shocked that he ran away never to be heard from again.

The moral of the story is what you want is not always what you need.


Autor:  wrath1276 [ Jue May 28, 2009 2:16 pm ]
Asunto:  Sun Tzu

"To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands,
but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."

-Sun Tzu from "The Art of War"

Being prepared is a strong defense. If you face an opponent you are not ready to face expect defeat. The same goes for your opponent.

Missiles and gunpods can only be fired in so many ways from so many directions. Stay calm. If you get hit, its probably because you either did not know how to evade or lost your cool when overwhelmed. Yeah missiles follow you, they can only do so much, though.
From a statistical point of view your Valkyrie can out fly/maneuver any missile. Those that you are unable avoid, can be shot down. Your success in anything is always about how prepared you are. In this case how trained/skilled you are.
Everyone makes mistakes eventually. A wise man knows to wait for his opponents mistake and turn it to his advantage. That's as long as you do not mess up first.
Remember - "The one who looses a game of chicken is the one who blinked at the wrong time."
If you are not strong enough, get stronger. If you do not know enough, learn more. Prepare yourself well. If you want to win at anything your first opponent is always you!!!! You can not win if you do not put in the effort to win.


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